Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuscan Style Rib Eye Steak

What did you have for Memorial Day?  I had this.  Tuscan style rib eye steaks that seriously rivaled the steaks we had in...Tuscany.  While Charlie was golfing, I went to Whole Foods by myself (read: I went alone and had zero voice of reason with me).  I was supposed to just go and only get my special green juice but I swung by the meat counter and saw dry aged rib eye.  HELLO, I said. 

OMG.  So tender.  So amazing. 

Charlie was a little freaked out about the rub I made.  Did you already put the rosemary on the steaks? Oh you did.  I'm sure it'll be great.  It was...it really was. 

Anyway, the rub is super easy.  I mixed olive oil, fresh garlic, fresh rosemary, red pepper flakes, lots of sea salt and pepper.  

YUMMM.  I tried a teaspoon of this as is and then was confused why I had severe heartburn all evening.  Silly me.

Here are the steaks...dry age, boneless, rib eyes.  Voice of reason.  Gone.

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?

I took the marinade/rub and rubbed it all over the steaks and then let them mellow on the counter top for about 2 hours.  It's important that steaks reach room temp before cooking, so they sear and grill nice and evenly.

Charlie is the master of the grill.  I just backseat cook and stare and take photos while he's literally risking his life for our dinner.  He heated the grill up to about 500 degrees...

...and then slapped these babies on.

He cooked them for two minutes, and then turned them 90 degrees to get the beautiful grill marks you see below.

He then flipped them and did the same thing on the other side.  So, for medium rare steaks, they cooked for a total of about 8 minutes, 4 minutes on each side.  Hotsy totsy.

Oh my.  We let them rest for ten minutes before slicing and serving.  I seriously sat at the counter and just stared at them for ten minutes while Charlie stared at me to make sure I didn't touch them.  Wise man.

This steak.  OMG.  This steak.  So the rosemary and the garlic and the salt and the other amazing ingredients and the crazy hot heat form this AMAZING crust and leave it perfectly tender in the inside.

I just can't.  Drooling.  I'm like drowning in drool. 


You can totally wing this one, but here's the exact recipe of what I made here:

2 Large Boneless Rib Eye Steaks 

5 Sprigs of Fresh Rosemary, Stems Removed
4 Cloves of Garlic 
1 Tsp of Dried Red Pepper Flakes 
1/4 Cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
1/4 Cup of Grape Seed Oil 
1 Tsp of Kosher Salt 
1/2 Tsp of Freshly Grounded Black Pepper 

Set the steaks aside.  Mix all of the rub ingredients together in a food processor.  Rub all over the steaks and set aside for 2 hours.  Heat grill up to 500 degrees.  Place steaks on grill with metal tongs.  Let cook for 2 minutes and then turn 90 degrees and cook for another 2 minutes.  Flip steaks and repeat - 2 minutes, turn 90 degrees, cook 2 more minutes.  This is for medium rare - if you want medium I'd add another minute per side.  Let rest for 10 minutes.  This is important!  Make sure to let it rest.  Slice and serve.

Stay hungry!

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