Friday, May 30, 2014

DIY Mother's Day Gift... Just in time for Father's Day

I feel silly posting something about Mother's Day three weeks after the fact, but it's easily customizable for Father's Day (surpriiiiiiise, Jesse!).

Baby Will still has the most precious, sweet little hands and I wanted to immortalize them somehow.  I used to work at a "Paint Your Own Pottery" store in high school, so I figured I'd track down a local one here and stamp Will's hand onto mugs for his grandmothers and godmother.  Though I have lost some of my old pottery skills (look at that uneven purple handle, jeez), I'm pretty satisfied with how they turned out:

The one I made for my mother is similar to one I made for my mom in high school.  Except that one said "Good morning, Mom" and not "Good morning, Grandma."  If I had given my mom a mug that said "Good morning, Grandma" when I was in 10th grade I'm not sure this story would have a happy ending.

Filled up with chocolates and presented to all of the other moms in Will's life, they made a useful & personalized gift.  All you need is your baby's hand, a paint your own pottery studio, and a few days for them to fire it.

Look at those chubby little hands.  I think I need to head back and make one for myself!

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