Monday, June 2, 2014

Wedding Shower Recipe Book

This is something I've cherished and used for almost four years now, but pulled out this week to check a recipe and thought I'd post about.  In August of 2010, a month before my wedding, my bridesmaids threw me a beautiful shower at my mother in law's home.  There were all sorts of lovely details including a recipe book made with recipes from the guests:

From drinks to appetizers to dessert, the ladies at my shower filled out favorite recipes that I've used throughout my marriage.  It's a carefully curated bunch of recipes that my loved ones thought I'd love and they were spot on.

My friend Leah's pirogi recipe especially warms my heart.  The picture below only shows half of the recipe cards for the recipe.  I remember watching her spend about an hour writing it out (detailing the how-to as well as different fillings).  For the record, they're delicious.  

After the shower, my friend Jen gathered them up and stuck into a book along with photos she had taken during the day.  Whenever I need to reference my grandmother-in-law's deviled egg recipe or know how to make the delicious pasta my childhood friend's family always made, it's all in one place.  It's an awesome way to remember the day and it feels so special that friends & family selected and wrote out these recipes just for me.

Four years later, this book still gets frequent use.  Thanks, girls!


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