Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Leftover Rib Eye Sandwiches

Any time we have leftover steak, I make steak sandwiches.  I almost like it as much as the original meal.  Almost. 

Steak is delicious cold and when you pair it with fresh veggies and a sauce that doesn't quit, well you got yourself a happy hubby.  

I mean...can we just have a moment of silence for how perfectly marbled and medium rare this rib eye is?  THANKS GRILL MASTER CHARLIE.  

Hellman's mayo is a great base.  Get the real kind, not the light or fat free or weird kind.  The real kind is real - just eggs, oil, vinegar and lemon juice and a few other ingredients I can't think of.  It doesn't contain anything crazy (like cornstarch, ew) so it's the perfect base to get creative with.  I always have balsamic on hand - like 30 kinds worth.  Since I wanted a nice, thick sauce, I added a few squirts of balsamic glaze to the mayo.  You could also add dijon, garlic, Worcestershire, lemon juice, or anything you want, really.  Since DA BEEF was coming from an Italian flavor profile (Tuscan rib eyes ya'all), I went with balsamic.

Get a nice soft roll, or a crusty baguette.  Are you catching on?  You can make this a million different ways.  I went with a soft roll because that's just my preference, but I've had this on crust ciabatta too and it's ridic.

Spread this sauce on both sides of the roll, layer with steak, top with red onion and lettuce.  Cut and half and devour.  And I do mean devour. 

MMMMM mmmmm mmmm.  Get right outside of town with this.

Stay hungry!

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