Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Summer Sangria Recipes

Summer struck Chicago, but then it was gone.  Gone baby gone.  Like the waistband in the sweats I've been rocking.  BUT, summer will be back and it will be back soon so I think we (meaning me) should stop complaining about the roller coaster of weather and start prepping for summer.  I'm not talking about spring cleaning or anything adult like - I'm talking about booze.  Lots o' booze.  Here are some killer sangria recipes to check out:

1. Frozen Sangria.  UMMM HELLOOOO why didn't I think of this.

Tropical Frozen Sangria loaded with fresh strawberries, pineapple, and a hint of citrus. The perfect drink for summer!

2.  Although this recipe was intended for Christmas, I love the idea of mixing rosemary and pomegranate in the summer.

3.  Ooooo apple and pear sangria.  I bet this is delish.  My mom would like this.

This Apple and Pear White Sangria is the PERFECT drink for fall! Sweet, fruity, and very refreshing!

4. What up watermelon and basil sangria.  LOVE THIS.  Words can't describe how obsessed I am with fresh watermelon...'specially in my DRANK.


5.  I'm a weirdo and like lavender and herbs and other things in my drinks.  Check out these lavender and white peach sangria pops.

Are you guys licking your screen yet?  Oh?  Just me?  Cool.

Stay hungry!

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