Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY Herb Salt Labels

So you know if good ol' hungry can assist with some arts and crafts it HAS to be easy.  I LOVED how these turned out.   Yesterday I showed you Caitlin's mother-in-law's herb salt made by my dear friend Lauren, and today I'll show you how we made little labels for these puppies. 

Aren't these just adorable?  

The bride's colors are yellow and lavender, so instead of yellow ribbon, we used a more natural twine so they matched the organic, rustic look of the bottles. 

Ok peeps this is what you'll need: 

Label Cards (we used 2 x 3.5" business cards from Paper Source)
VersaMark Watermark Stamp Pad 
Embossing Powder 
Hole Punch
Ribbon or Twine 
Scissors (not pictured)
Embossing Heat Gun (not pictured)
Something to label...like herb salt. Duh. 

Notes:  If you don't know how to emboss (this is very new to me) ask the folks at Paper Source.  They will help you out.  

You know why I love Lauren?  Because this was waiting for me when I came over...

They didn't have pre punched, pre sized labels in lavender.  Fear not!  We made our own.  Depending on what you are labeling (tiny little bottles in this case) you may want to trim a little off the top and then cut the sides...

...punch a hole...

...and make it look like this.  How happy are you that I don't normally run this portion of Hardly Housewives?

Lauren and I divided and conquered.  We are a good team.  Sort of like how one of us always "keeps it together" enough during our girls nights out so we make it home in one piece.  Actually they are totally unrelated, but whatever.  You get the point.  

She wrote out the ingredients of the salt and recommended uses on each of the cards...

Here was my little station.  We tried the gold ink with gold embossing powder and it was a little too much.  So, we went with the clear watermark ink and the Bridal colored embossing powder.  

When you do this you want to move fast.  Get a good amount of ink on the stamp, stamp your paper and immediately sprinkle the embossing powder so it sticks...

Be generous with the powder so it covers every bit of the ink...

...and then shake off the excess on a piece of paper.  It looks like I'm wasting a lot here, but I'm not.  You can fold the paper and drop it right back into the container.  

PS - look at the cheese plate Lauren put together for me.  She knows how to bribe me...

Now, back to Lauren.  I'm scared of this thing.  She wields it around like it ain't no thing.  You want to hold the embossing gun close to the powder so it begins to bubble up.  You'll see it change textures before your eyes. 

Ta daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  

 I might have been bitten by the DIY bug...

...this was SO much fun.  

And if I can do it, you can do it!

Hope you guys try this out and stay homey!


  1. I have never tried embossing before (though I've seen those at PS). You are way craftier than me :)

    These look amazing. Nice work, ladies!

  2. These are adorable and that salt looks to die for delicious!


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