Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hardware Store Jewelry Board

I'm not sure what inspired this project.  Rooting through my purse for my favorite necklace, since I thought I took it off and tossed it in there?  Searching all over for a second earring?  Finding my watch outside, taken off near the pool and left for dead?  Probably all of the above and more.  I have been trying so hard to get organized and my precious baubles, trinkets, & fine jewels (ha) were keeping me down.

Here's my fix, a jewelry board hanging from my side of our bathroom cabinet.  This provides easy access when I'm getting ready in the mornings and is a great way to keep my favorite jewelry from getting lost in my purse or languishing in a drawer, forgotten: 

This is an old project so I don't have photo documentation of the how-to, but it's really very simple.  I started with a corkboard (in retrospect, I would just use a plain piece of wood) and painted it in stripes with acrylic paint.  

Once the paint dried, I used drawer pulls from Martha Stewart and upholstery nails as jewelry hooks.  After mapping out how much space I'd need, I glued on the hardware and stuck in the upholstery nails.

I love that the upholstery nails, which hold bracelets and necklaces, have a costume jewelry look to them.  I almost went with regular cup hooks and I'm so glad I used these:

The three drawer pulls on top hold dangly earrings...

...while the two on the bottom (turned upside down) hold my watch, some hoops, and a few stud earrings:

Since I made this, it has seriously made my life so much easier.   I still have a box for my really special jewelry, but this is the stuff I wear day to day and need access to most often.  No more searching for a necklace three minutes before I need to be out the door.  No more missing earrings.  Everything has a place!  What do you think?  Let us know and stay homey!


  1. This is so clever!

  2. i love how you used the drawer pulls very clever indeed!!

  3. How clever and adorable! Thank you for sharing at Uncommon!

  4. Awesome idea I love using knobs and handles instead of boring hooks or tacks like I use.

  5. This is perfect!! Great way to hang jewelry! We love this fun idea! We appreciate you linking up to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday". Hope you'll come back soon! -The Sisters

  6. I am seriously head over heels for this!! I featured this on my blog:

    I hope to make one this weekend!

  7. Very clever! I love hardware finds.

  8. Loving the hardware pulls to hold jewelry - fabulous idea!

  9. Totally Love how this turned out! Great project!


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