Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hungry's (Dream) Wish List

So today is my birthday.  That's right.  I'm dedicating a blog post to not only me, but all of my dream hungry gifts.  Some of them I already own (thanks to incredibly generous people who attended our wedding) and some of them I'll own...someday.

Really good knives are such an important investment.  If I'm cooking somewhere that's foreign to me, and I remember, I'll bring a couple of my knives with me.  I've even taken a couple camping.  I'm not joking.  Really.

Here are the knives that I own and can't live without.  Wusthof knives are pricey, but you can build up your collection one at a time.  My favorite is the 8" chefs knife.

Here is the Fissler CookStar Induction Pro Portable Cooktop.  Man that's a mouthful.  I can't tell you how many times I run out of oven and stove top space.  I'd love one of these little suckers to contribute to the party.  I love the fact it's portable.  I can see it now:  midnight grilled cheeses a la my nightstand.

So here is when I really lose my mind.  I've been watching Top Chef for far too long and have become obsessed with the idea of the sous vide technique of cooking.  You basically cook proteins in a vacuum sealed bag in a very low heated water bath.  This way, the meat will be juicy, evenly cooked, every time.  I would have pork belly cooking all day, every day if I had this thing.

Ok lastly, and a little more realistically, here is Chef'sChoice Egg Cooker.  I love eggs.  Love love LOVE eggs.  I love them soft boiled, hard boiled, fried, name it.  This would be the perfect little device to keep on hand so I can cook eggs just right, every time.  Check out the poached egg attachment!  Think about how easy eggs benedict would be...this could be dangerous.

Ok they are.  The three kitchen electronics I don't currently own and desperately want.  Pretty cool right?  Stay hungry!


  1. Happy birthday, Jaizer! Hope you get the egg cooker of your dreams!

  2. i think i want that portable cooktop too. why? midnight grill cheeses baby!!


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