Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Over-Door Decor Hanging & Gourds Galore

Jesse & I are hosting Thanksgiving again this year and gearing up for a table to fit 22 people.  Though I should have more pressing issues on my mind (like, you know, cooking turkey for that many people), I'm (of course) most interested in how to make my house feel cozy & autumnal for all of our guests.

Last year I posted about hanging a wreath over the glass door leading into our mudroom.  The secret is a Command Hook upside down on the back of the glass.  It's not QUITE time for full throttle Christmas decor yet, so I strung up some ornamental corn & ribbon.

Here's a close up shot (a little confusing because the glass is reflecting the side of the house):

Besides our corn-decor, we've also gone nuts with gourds everywhere.  Hanging out with our mice candleholders, joining a photo of Will the Baby in our mudroom, sitting in a flowerpot on the front step...

As usual, I'm dreaming of a fancy and elaborate table setting for Thanksgiving but I know that, for the sake of my sanity, we'll need to go simple.  I'm thinking more gourds, more corn, and a few flowers.  Stay tuned and stay homey!

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