Monday, November 25, 2013

Graciasgiving to the Rescue

It's Caitlin here, since poor Jaisa has pneumonia, but this gives me a chance to rave about how beautiful Jaisa's Thanksgiving recipes from last year look.  In 2012, Jaisa pulled together a bunch of delicious side dishes that include traditional Thanksgiving recipes with a Mexican twist.  

With just a few days until Thanksgiving dinner, I'm sharing these tasty recipes for some last-minute planning. It's intimidating to serve a Thanksgiving dinner (and tough to be a guest bringing a delicious yet unique side dish).  Here are the best of the bunch, starting with stuffing, and with Jaisa's tutorials you'll be ready for Thanksgiving in no time.  De nada.

I loooooooove cornbread stuffing.  As a vegetarian, I don't add the andouille and chorizo that Jaisa calls for in this stuffing recipe, but I must admit that they probably make the whole dish even tastier.  Whenever Jesse sees recipes like this from Jaisa he curses the day I decided to become a vegetarian.  With or without the sausage, give it a try.

andouille & cornbread stuffing

Chipotle sweet potatoes look amazing (& include the story about how Jaisa learned to spell "potatoes" correctly).  I don't like super sweet, syrupy sweet potatoes but love how Jaisa mixes spicy with a dash of sweet for this easy Thanksgiving side dish.

chipotle sweet potatoes

Gratin made with poblano chiles, corn, & potatoes (oh, and a lot of half & half).  Looks heavenly.

poblano, corn, & potato gratin
Last up is Jaisa's cranberry salsa, which I think I'll be trying this year (scroll down to see it served over cream cheese which is what I'm thinking).  Ditch the canned stuff and give it a shot.

cranberry salsa

Gracias, Jaisa, for dreaming up these delicious dishes and sharing them with us.  Stay hungry!

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