Monday, March 10, 2014

Embellished Dishtowels, Take Two

It's March, which means that my family members are scrambling to find something that's red or cooking-related for my dad's birthday.  Ideally both.  This project fits the bill, though it may look a bit familiar to you.

Two years ago, I hunted down red fabric to make some dishtowels for my dad's birthday.  Two years later, they're still in use, but battered, burned, and well-loved.  I was in New York this past weekend at my parents' house and tracked down those 2012 dishtowels to do a "Where Are They Now" photo.  Here's the one in the best shape:

Clearly two years of use has aged these guys and it's time for some new handmade red dishtowels.  I trekked to Joann to find some different red fabric to use this year.  Finding red fabric in non-girly patterns is surprisingly hard, so I grabbed a red polka dot pattern (manly) and a red heart pattern (since if you can't tell your dear old dad that you "heart" him, who can you tell?).

I sewed these the same way as last time, but I added a double seam to make sure the fabric stayed on for years and years of use and abuse:

Happy birthday, Dad!  Now that I've found a go-to gift for you, I hope you're okay receiving these dishtowels every two years.  Here's to many more years of chocolate cake, "go around the table" toasting, and you cooking your own (always delicious) birthday dinner!

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