Friday, March 7, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Drink Ideas

Ohhhh St. Patrick's Day, how I love you and how my husband hates you.  St. Patrick's Day is my favorite day and every year Charlie and I almost get a divorce.  I don't really care for whiskey so staying away from whiskey is not normally an issue...but it's EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING on St. Patrick's Day...especially in car I right?!  Anyway, whiskey and I don't agree.  I become defiant ...even more so than normal.  I know, I know, hard to believe.  Not a good sight.  Long story short, I've done some research and here are some great St. Patrick's Day drink ideas - some with whiskey...some without, but all delicious in their own right.  Check 'em.

1.  Boozy Mint Chip Shakes from The Culinary Chronicles.  YUM YUM.

2.  Shamrock Cocktail Shooter by The Slow Roasted Italian.

3.  Irish Car Bomb Jello Shots by E is for Eat.

4. Check out this Guinness Ice Cream Float by Acute Design.

5. Honeydew, Cucumber, Mint, Mojitos by Thyme.

Stay thirsty...and married!

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  1. Two short subjects added to the batch are "A Wild Night at the Interlude" and "Big Haired Beauty Pageant." The latter is a short clip of women walking around a runway with huge sculptures on their heads, and I mean huge. The fact that all this takes place in a rather posh setting makes one's head spin even faster than it would otherwise. "A Wild Night at the Interlude" is a 15-minute bit on a strip club that features a woman who paints a canvas with her naked body. As they say: "I don't know about art, but I know what I like."


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