Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bobby Flay and Girl & The Goat

OHHHHH EMMMMMM GEEEEEEE.  I met BOBBY FLAY last night!!!!  I am still on cloud nine.  WOW.  So...let me explain how this went down.  

My pal Lauren made reservations at Girl & The Goat months ago because it's so darn difficult to get a reservation there.  Stephanie Izard's restaurant is hands down the hottest restaurant in Chicago right now and I've been dying to go.  The night FINALLY arrived.  Lauren and I went to the ladies room and when we got back to the table my husband said "Now, I want to tell you guys something but you can't freak out and need to stay composed.  Bobby Flay is sitting behind Jaisa."  Here's the pic:

Essentially anything that was said to me from that moment on went through one ear and out the other.  I couldn't believe that one of my all time favorite Chefs was in the same room as me.  I pretty much died.  Anyway, I had to meet him.  Especially after my fourth glass of wine.  My husband went over and said something like this "My wife is going to have a heart attack if she doesn't meet you."  I shook his hand, looked straight into his eyes and blacked out.  Best. Moment. Ever. 

I could ramble on and on about this magical moment but to leave out the absolutely outstanding food we had would be a crime.  Here we go:

This is the Mr. Potato Bread with potato aioli and green garlic butter. Hot, crusty, and soft in the middle.  Perfection. 

This was the best beet salad I have ever had:

Goat empanadas:

Goat cheese ravioli with tempura asparagus.  What up Caitlin. 

Seared scallops with duck. 

Ham frites with a cheese and chili dipping sauce.  These were bananas.   They we the crispiest best fries ever seasoned with ham salt.  Yes.  Ham salt.  I don't know how else to describe it.  It was like a dusting of the best ham you have ever had over the best fries you've ever had.  Going loco over here. 

Here is the octopus salad.  I loved this.  The tender octopus was tossed in a vinaigrette with crisp yellow green beans.  Do you still say the green if they are yellow?

Here are the pork ribs.  Some of the best ribs I have ever had.  Ever. 

The next two were my favorite.  This is the crispy pork cheek.  I can't even describe the flavors to you.  I've never had anything like it. 

I don't know how Stephanie does it.  This was the most complex and interesting thing I tried all night. This was the crispy braised pork shank (that's right - fall of the bone tender and crispy on the outside).  This was served with flat bread, kimchi, and two sauces that I will dream about for the rest of my life.

And lastly...the Goat Cheesecake.  I'm in love and will return as soon as I possibly can. 
Stay hungry!


  1. You had me at ham salt. Omgee!! And Bobby Flay!! SO exciting!! I bet he did not have to wait months to get a reservation!

  2. AHHH! My goal in life is to "throw down" with that man. Love him.

    1. LOL...we were talking about challenging him to a tequila throw down. That would have been bad.

  3. Oh. Wow. I don't know what's better, Bobby Flay or The Girl and the Goat? Amazing. And thanks for the pics to make us all jealous!

  4. best picture taken in the history of HH, or possibly all blogs.


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