Thursday, May 24, 2012

Perfect Little Wedding Touches

Last Saturday was my friend Melissa's beautiful wedding and I wanted to share some of the details that made it so special.  Hosted at Lord Thompson Manor in Thompson, CT, the wedding venue had some unique touches that, coupled with the work and planning Melissa & Zack (& Melissa's mom) did, made for a perfect day.  Seriously, I am so obsessed with this wedding that I will probably still be gushing about it in November.  Buckle up.

First, I'll start with the tables.  Each table had a table number and a year, ranging from the year the couple was born until now.  There were two photos (one from the bride and one from the groom) and a funny description of what they had been up to that year.  Naturally, I was sitting at the Bates table where I got to stare at a tanner, blonder version of myself with my roommates...

Aren't these pictures the sweetest idea?  Such a great personal touch, and so interactive.   I saw people going from table to table to check out the photos and stories.

And speaking of photographs, the mantelpieces around the reception were filled with frames containing pictures of Melissa & Zack's relatives on their wedding days.  I loved looking at the older dresses and liked that they included names & dates below each photograph so I knew who was who.  The silver frames on the mantels coordinated with the silver frames on the tables and made for a cohesive look:

Finally on the photograph front, the photographer took photos of everyone at dinner and, halfway through the evening, brought out pages with the photos on them for guests to sign.  Talk about quick turnaround AND an interactive guestbook:

Okay... I guess this has to do with photos, too... a standup frame photo station in the courtyard behind the manor.  Here's a shot from the rehearsal dinner, but this was a huge shot at the wedding, too.  

Check out these glowing chandeliers that were hanging from the trees.  It was magic.  They looked even better (but didn't photograph as well) at night.

As you can see, there was a ton of lawn space behind the manor.  Ready to take your drink outside and play some lawn sports?  Well, perfect...

...and if you wanted to curl up by the many fire pits that were around the patio (I did), the manor provided cozy wool blankets and bug spray.  Basically every little detail was covered.

Talk about a wedding right out of a magazine!  Congrats, Melissa & Zack.  I am obsessed with your wedding and will be posting soon about the most amazing appetizers I have ever seen... including that freaking bruschetta station!  Stay hungry, stay homey, & stay happy!


  1. Fabulous details here, captured well. You really give people something to think about when they're planning a wedding!

  2. This seems like the most perfect wedding ever. Wow. I couldn't even begin to create something as great as that.

  3. Caitlin your friend's wedding looks wonderful! I love the chandeliers in the trees, how cool.


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