Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bird Feeder Makeover

mentioned bird houses a while back and now, two months later, I've finally got one in place.  I ended up going with the very first model I mentioned.  As I said then, "This first one is really function over fashion, but it looks like it would do the trick (of tricking birds to hang out near my home)."  Functionality wins out and here's the lucky winner...

Pre-makeover, at the Home Depot

I brought home the feeder plus two suet squares and a bag of "Colorful Bird" birdseed.  Deciding I didn't want to leave it just plain cedar, I pulled out some punchy red paint (left over from painting spoons) and festive chevron ribbon to hang it with.  

At $19.97, it sure isn't the fanciest bird feeder on the block, but I love that I was able to personalize it.  My kitchen window looks out over this little patch of our front yard and it's so nice seeing this bit of bright color as I'm making my coffee or rinsing dishes.

Hopefully more pictures to follow... with actual birds (they all flew away as soon as I came near with my camera).  Stay springy and stay homey!

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