Monday, May 7, 2012

Truffle Egg Toast

One of my favorite restaurants in Chicago is Davanti Enoteca.  It's this incredible Italian restaurant with unique and out of the box dishes, and they have something called Truffle Egg Toast.  I wanted to make the truffle egg toast at home and lucky for me... it came out pretty damn good.  

I love eggs.  They are cheap, fast, and you can use them a million different ways.  I especially love egg yolks.  Yum. 

Begin by cutting a rustic crusty piece of bread about two inches thick.  From there, you can either scoop out a well or use a biscuit cutter like this one. 

Just make sure you don't cut all the way through to the bottom...

Next, layer a couple piece of cheese over the bread.  I used Swiss.  You can use whatever you want.  I also thick havarti or munster would be good as well. 

Place the bread under the broiler until the cheese begins to melt and sink into the well.  Mine took about 2 minutes or so until it looked like this:

Next, take the bread out of the oven and immediate separate two yolks from the whites and drop them into the well.  You can preserve the whites for later use, or discard them.  Whites are healthy for you so obviously I have no need for them in this house. 

Place the bread back under the broiler for 2-3 minutes until eggs begin to set.  I like very running eggs but if you don't want them runny, I would suggest turning the oven down to 375 and cooking the bread and the eggs until they are set to your preference.  This is a very flexible dish. 
Now...for the best part.  I LOVE truffles.  Like love love LOVE.  Obviously, they are incredibly expensive so there are a couple of items I keep on hand that help impart the flavors, but are easy on the wallet.  Enter:  Truffle Oil and Truffle Salt.  You can get both at specialty food stores like Williams Sonoma or Whole Foods.  I drizzled some oil over the bread and eggs and sprinkled some of the truffle salt. 

How outrageous does this look?  

Not only is this super, super's also incredibly tasty.  
This would be the perfect dish to make for company if you want to knock their socks off, but not spend all day slaving in the kitchen.  From start to finish...this took 5 minutes.  Dare I say this is the new egg in a hole???  I think I might. 
 Stay hungry!


  1. YUM! Open up a brunch restaurant.. I'd be your first customer!

  2. I second that! I like the idea of putting eggs under the broiler...less work for me!

  3. Oh my that looks sooo good! Despite not having anything to emulate truffle flavour I may have to try this anyway!

    1. You don't have to have the truffle...this is just as incredible without it. You could even add some hollandaise sauce or some fresh chopped chives. YUM!


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