Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Egg In A Hole Grilled Cheese

Ok so just one more grilled cheese.  You guys know how much I love eggs right?  

This is code for I haven't gone grocery shopping in a month and my best friend is getting married and I can't do anything besides sit and day dream about her wedding and turn whatever I have in my fridge into a grilled cheese.  


I bought this cookie cutter type thing from Crate and Barrel.  If you don't have something like this, juse use the rim of a glass.  So...cut out the center circle of a piece of bread.  
The trick to making any good fried egg?  Use a nonstick pan and lots of butter. Put in the circle cut out piece of bread in the pan...

And crack an egg into the hole.  I would recommend cracking the egg into a glass or bowl and then dropping it in from there.  Let this sit for about 1-2 minutes over medium heat or until the whites start to become opaque around the edges and the egg fuses with the bread.  You'll see what I mean. 

If you knew how impressed I was for flipping this over and getting this'd probably stop reading this blog. 

Ok so as soon as you flip it over add a couple of slices of cheese.  I just used American. 

Add your other piece of bread and re-butter the pan.  I just drop a little pat of butter in and swirl it around the outside, so once I flip I can move the new piece of bread around to get nice and buttery. 

Now flip.  

This is what you want...nice and crispy. 

Oh boy.  Get excited. 

BOOM.  Let's just take a good look here...shall we?
 Of course...I went right for the yolk.  AMAZING.   
Stay hungry! 


  1. Breakfast sorted. Thank you!


  2. This is far too much like food porn. I feel so naughty just reading the post. Making sandwich NOW

  3. I am so making this tomorrow for breakfast. Thanks for sharing

  4. I made it...It was like heaven in a sandwich...


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