Thursday, September 20, 2012

Homey Daily Reads

I start most mornings by firing up my computer and reading a few of my favorite home and design blogs while my emails load (and my basset hounds calm down after breakfast excitement and my husband loudly sings songs that he makes up on the fly while he's waiting for the coffee to brew).  While Jaisa and I do a lot of brainstorming and sharing of our ideas, I love seeing what other ladies across the blogosphere are up to so I can steal pin their awesome ideas and get some daily inspiration.

Here are my daily standards:

Young House Love - Pretty much the gold standard on home blogs.  Adding their new book to my birthday list...

House of Earnest - I was introduced to Erin's pretty and practical blog last year and check in every day to see what she's up to.  House of Earnest is sort of like an Anthropologie catalog meets somebody you could be friends with in real life.

Brooklyn Limestone - Ooooh, have I mentioned I am from Brooklyn?  Mrs Limestone at Brooklyn Limestone is living the beautifully & creatively decorated life I like to imagine Jesse and I would have had if we had stayed in the gritty city.

I Heart Organizing - As a person actively attempting organization, I need a daily dose of inspiration.  Jen has great ideas (plus a new group of organized and creative contributors) and an insanely organized and tidy home.
Mini Manor Blog - Ashli has recently become a contributor to I Heart Organizing, but I started reading her blog a few years ago.  Simple, classic decor and easy to follow tutorials (where I learned to make envelope pillows). 

What blogs do you hit up every day?  Anything major that I am missing?  Let me know and stay homey!


  1. I love 'I Heart Organizing' Too! Jen just comes across as a genuinely nice person, and I love that a lot of her ideas are basically free. Wrapping tin cans in pretty paper to be pencil pots has changed my life. Too many organizing blogs are just about buying clear plastic bins, and, as Jen points out - clear bins add to visual clutter, because you can always see the things in them. She loves her labels, and now I do too!

    I can't think of any other blogs I follow that you haven't mentioned. But I'm going to check back and see if anyone else comes up with any new ones for me to check out.

  2. Wow thanks for the mention! I am going to have to buzz over and check out some of the others you listed!!

  3. Wow thanks for the mention! I am going to have to buzz over and check out some of the others you listed!!

  4. Thanks for reading! (but i promise my life is much more messy than my blog makes me appear)


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