Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Giada and Ralph Squatting on a Tree... K-I-S-S-I-N-G

I think we found Ralph a girlfriend.  In fact, I know we have.  She's blonde and she's wonder we I like her so much.  Giada, the little beauty below, belongs to our dear friends Thano and Nicole.  After attending their gorgeous wedding, we have the privilege of watching their fur baby, Giada, while they honeymoon in Hawaii.

I must have been saying something interesting ball or breakfast.

Giada had a really hard time adjusting...

...the shutter of the camera didn't make sleeping any easier...

Sorry princess.

This is Giada with her new Halloween baby.  She likes her baby.  A lot.  This is also me trying to work.

 I put my Halloween baby here just for you Jaisa...


What about now Jaisa...

Maybe if I step back you'll see my Halloween baby better...

No?  How about now? 

Yay.  Giada's happy.

This is exactly what we see at the end of our bed every night, shortly before she joins us.

No more pictures, please. 

We've SO enjoyed watching little Giada.  She's so soft and sweet and just so loving.  A perfect reflection of her Mom and Dad.  Stay houndy!


  1. She's too cute! I think you really need a puppy...

  2. Thano and I have looked at this blog post a zillion times today! It made our day! She is SOO pretty isn't she?! haha. Thanks for featuring her and for dealing with her ball obsession for 10 days!


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