Monday, August 13, 2012

The Perfect Pulled Pork and Ralph

I made some kick ass pulled pork last week and wanted to share.  I will never, ever make pulled pork in the slow cooker again. Read my lips:  slow roast your pulled pork people!  

Here's how you do it. 

Boneless Pork Butt or Shoulder (I used 7lbs of pork shoulder) 
BBQ Dry Rub of your Choice (I use Penzeys Galena Street Rub)

Rub pork all over with the dry rub.  You'll need about 1-2 teaspoons per pound.  Cook the meat uncovered, overnight at 200 degrees.  You are going to want to cook the meat for about 1.5-2 hours per pound of meat.  I had 7 lbs and mine took about 12 hours - so mine was smack in the middle at 1.7 hours per pound.  By cooking it low and slow...the inside is incredibly tender and the outside is crispy and crunchy.  AHHH.  Amazing. I covered the pork for the last 2 hours with foil because I was worried about it drying out, but I don't necessarily think you need to do that. 

A good way to tell it's done is to ensure the internal temp reaches between 190-200 degrees.  Whoa whoa whoa Jaisa that is way too high, you say?  Wouldn't pork would be dried out at that temp?  I thought the same.  However, in order for the meat to break down and become that perfectly tender pulled pork we've all learned to love, the meat has to reach that temp to do its thang chicken wang. 

I mean...just look at that crust.  You can see where I ripped off a chunk...oops.  Before shredding the meat, let it rest for 30 minutes.  I have to tell you that, but if you think I waited for longer than 30 seconds you're loco. 

Charlie and I had the pleasure of watching our friends' amazing dog Ralph.  I like to call him Snuggle Bunny. You should have seen him creeping around the kitchen as soon as the pork came out of the oven...

You want some pork Ralphy?  Is that why you are looking at me like this?

So close...

Aw, come on! 

NOM.  I mean...who could resist this face?

Wait until you find out what I made this pulled pork for...stay tuned my friends and stay hungry! 

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