Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Garnet Hill Sale of the Day

One of my favorite places for homey finds is Garnet Hill.  I have been drooling over beautiful Garnet Hill sheet patterns since college, where I would check online to choose which TwinXL sheets I just had to have (are you all that surprised that Jaisa wasn't friends with me at Bates?). 

Though Garnet Hill has grown like crazy in the past 10 years, what hasn't changed is their beautiful sheets, great quality, and, oh yeah, the fact that a purchase from Garnet Hill will probably always be a splurge for me.  Enter their Sale of the Day... one of the first websites I check each morning.

The Sale of the Day is exactly what it sounds like... a day-long discount on one (or a few) of their items.  Usually it's a mix between clothes and household items.  Though I prefer their household items (I LOVE all of the Garnet Hill bedding I own), I also have a bunch of Garnet Hill sundresses, the perfect pair of black flats, and a belt that I have snagged during the Sale of the Day.

Here are a few Garnet Hill items I am hoping to see on Sale of the Day soon:

1) Signature Flannel Bedding
2) Claire Reversible Shower Curtain
3) Cotton Fleece Blanket & Throw
4) Dream Quilt Shams (we already have the quilt and I LOOOOVE it)
5) Flat Weave Wool Rug
6) Collapsible Basket

And did you know that Garnet Hill has a wedding registry?  My friend Leah registered there for her October 2011 wedding (of course I bought all of her gifts from it).  I didn't know when we got married - otherwise my house would have many, many more beautiful sheet sets and fewer kitchen gadgets.

Any other sites you check daily for a good sale?  Let me know and stay homey!

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