Thursday, August 30, 2012

Trend Alert: Patterned Bridesmaid Dresses

I'd like to open with saying that it's hilarious that I just used the phrase "Trend Alert".  I mean, my haircut is inspired from a page of last year's LLBean catalog and I am currently wearing an all-maroon getup that includes both a Bates T-shirt and Bates shorts.  But bear with me.  I happen to know some trendy people, oooookay?  And popping up everywhere are patterned bridesmaid dresses, which I think are a great departure from the traditional.

At my friend Jane's wedding, for example, her sisters wore blue and white ikat dresses.  They were festive and summery, but also less stuffy than the traditional bridesmaid dresses you usually see (of which I own a bunch).  Here are a few patterned (AND off the rack) dresses I think would be sweet bridesmaid dresses:

1. J. Crew (the aforementioned blue and white ikat dress)
2. Anthro
3. Lilly
4. Nordstrom (this dress is $42 if you really want your bridesmaids to love you)
5. Boden

Depending on the season and feel of your wedding, I think it's definitely something to consider.  Two years ago, I dressed my bridesmaids in solid, nearly-fuschia dresses that none of them seemed especially into.  In retrospect, I wish I had mixed it up a bit with patterned dresses.

What do you think?  Do you prefer traditional bridesmaid dresses or would you be willing to try out patterned dresses?  Anybody else starting to see a lot of patterned bridesmaid dresses?  Let us know and stay hip!


  1. I love the ikat dress and saw a few pics of jane's wedding, her sisters looked great! my friend lydia did something similar. her bridesmaids (also her 2 sisters) were in red and white patterned dresses, carrying blue hydrangeas, sooo not a combo i wouldn't thought of but they looked great. and can i just say that i am forever jealous of girls who have sisters? among the other 574 reasons, the other is that it makes it sooo much easier to pick bridesmaids! the other trend i'm noticing (and one that i followed) is having bridesmaids in different dresses of their choosing in a single color scheme. so, i told my gals "peacock blue chiffon," and they all interpreted that on their own (i went shopping with some of them, some sent me photos, some i didn't see til the big day!) so we ended up with dresses in a variety of deep blue/green tones and (imo) it looked great. the added benefit was that since the girls had quite a bit of autonomy, they have a higher likelyhood of wearing them again. i'm going to a wedding in two weeks where the bride is doing something similar (inspired by my wedding!) but with dresses in the peach/pink/cream color family. i am looking forward to seeing how it turns out. :)

  2. so trendy


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