Friday, September 7, 2012

Something Fishy in my Desk...

I work upstairs from my home office.  That means anything related to my job, craft items, photos from college, and most of my other personal items are stored up there.  For some reason, though, once bills that need to be paid are put in my office, they get lost or forgotten about.  Jesse and I needed some functional storage downstairs and I liked the idea of a secretary desk in our bedroom.

I had just gotten Jesse onboard with the idea (he was convinced I would use the desk mostly for placing my clothes on instead of paying bills at) when we were at a consignment store a few towns away and came across this beaut:

Small, but with ample storage.  Dark wood like our bed and nightstands.  Came with a chair.  And 20% off if we paid in cash.  Sold.

Once I got home, I started thinking of a few ways to spruce up this old desk.  Add some color and remove some of the consignmenty feel.  I started with the drawers...

After picking out some colorful fish wrapping paper at Paper Source, I measured it to fit the drawer exactly (a roller cutter meant for sewing made this very easy):

...and glued it in using Paper Mod Podge.  After a few hours of sitting under my heaviest books to keep it flat... new drawer was ready for use!

True Story: the envelope in there from LLBean is addressed to Fred.  I bought him an LLBean dog bed and shipped it in Fred's name since I thought Jesse would think it was funny when he unwrapped it.  Turns out LLBean didn't charge my credit card and just sent Fred an invoice.  I should get on that...

Where do you pay your bills?  Let us know and stay homey!

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