Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Champagne & St. Germain (& Raspberries!)

Have you guys ever had St. Germain before?  Jaisa introduced me to this delicious liqueur back in my Brooklyn days, when she would visit and we would bar crawl up and down Smith Street ordering champagne & St. Germain cocktails.  It never ended terribly well, but it was always a lot of fun.

We recently celebrated my mother-in-law's 60th birthday and she is a real champagne enthusiast.  I had a few of these little "TSA approved" (that's what I call them, at least) St. Germain bottles left over and decided to mix up a tasty, bubbly cocktail (with some local raspberries thrown in for good measure):

You'll need champagne (or prosecco), St. Germain liqueur, & raspberries (I used 2 per glass).

First, I poured in a shot of St. Germain into my flutes (approximately 1.5 oz), filled up the rest with champagne, and then tossed in two raspberries:

It took about 10 seconds to make each drink (& not that much longer for my in-laws to take them down!).  A tasty, celebratory drink that I think would be nice with many different fruits (raspberries were just what I had on hand).  Maybe a sliver of pear during this harvest season?

And, as somebody who has learned my lesson the hard way with these delicious cocktails, please drink responsibly!  Stay thirsty and stay hungry!


  1. Try champagne with Creme de Cassiss and enjoy a Kir Royale! Its my new fav cocktail

    1. Ooh, I will give it a shot for our next party!


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