Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bed Upgrade: Lillesand

When Jess and I were living in Seattle, we bought a king sized mattress and sleigh bed to replace our old mattress which sat ("crack den style") on the floor of our bedroom.  The sleigh bed was gorgeous and felt so adult until we moved it to Brooklyn, and it barely fit in our bedroom.  We would both have to squeeze to get in and out of it every night and by the time we moved here, we knew it was time for a change.  Even in our somewhat spacious master bedroom, the bed was just taking up too much space.  Check out this picture I took a while ago...

So recently, after seeing it on Apartment Therapy and Maillardville Manor, I trekked to the closest Ikea in my mother in law's pickup truck and bought a Lillesand bed for us.  (Please note that after "the crying incident" in an Ikea in Seattle, Jesse refuses to go to Ikea with me.)

The Lillesand is a STEAL ($249 for the King) and was super easy to put together.  I am in LOVE!  Swapping out the heavy wooden sleigh bed for the iron one made a big difference in our room - we already had so many wood elements (the window and door trim, our nightstands, the fireplace, our new desk) and so switching up the beds makes the room feel fresher and lighter.  LOVE.

We are in the market for big pillows to rest up against the headboard for reading.  For now, regular bed pillows do the trick just fine.

And, best of all, we can actually see the fireplace in our room from bed now (with the sleigh bed's thick footboard, you couldn't see it at all).  Tis the season for fires in the fireplace.  Next step... digging out my favorite flannel sheets!

You stay homey... I'll stay in bed!


  1. i like it! what did you do with the old bed?

    1. ...currently sitting in our garage. A benefit of a big house in the woods is that you can put a huge king sized bed in your garage and forget about it. We will probably CraigsList it eventually UNLESS we buy a new mattress for our bed and then we'll put the old bed & mattress into the guest room upstairs.


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