Friday, October 19, 2012

The Best Flannel Sheets

We take flannel sheet season seriously around here.  At the first sign of chilly night weather, I wash and pack up my cottom summer sheets and pull down my favorite flannel sheets.  After some trial and error (and some sleeping on scratchy flannel sheets), I have finally found a winner - L.L.Bean's Ultrasoft Flannel Sheets:


Soft, warm, and so cozy, they are also reasonably priced (our king-sized set ran us just under $100).  I went with the "Natural" colored sheets, since I like white & ivory sheets, but there are lots of pretty colors and patterns if you prefer a brighter bed. 

Is this not the coziest looking bed you have ever seen:


So now that it's cold and fall 2012 is upon us, trust your friends up in Maine and check out L.L. Bean's flannel sheets.  Stay cozy and stay homey!


  1. Love me some LL Bean flannel, been using them since age 12!! They are truly the best out there.

    1. I used to steal Holly's comforter cover in college when she wasn't there... so cozy and got me hooked.


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