Monday, October 29, 2012

Frankenstorm Prep (a.k.a. Hey Sandy)

(Anybody else remember "Hey Sandy", the theme song to The Adventures of Pete & Pete?  I've had it stuck in my head all weekend as I hear more and more news coverage.  You're welcome.)

For the last few days, we've been hearing lots about Hurricane Sandy (alias: Frankenstorm) and how we need to be prepared for flooding and power outages.  Though I am hoping it somehow blows out to sea or isn't as bad as expected, we spent most of yesterday battening down the hatches in case it hits as it's supposed to:

Halfway through moving all of our lawn furniture into the garage, Jesse and I reminisced about how much easier this would be if we still lived in Brooklyn.  Our usual hurricane ritual was to head to Smith Street to drink hurricanes with friends, then head back to our apartment, order in food, and hope that the cable didn't go out.  Sigh.  The good life.  But after securing all projectiles, stabilizing the beehives, and stocking up on peanut butter, it looks like we are all set here.

I think we have all of the necessities.  Food.  Water.  A fully charged Kindle.  I dug out all of our flashlights and candles.  (After searching at stores all over the area for D batteries, I decided to stop in at a local Toys R Us.  Jackpot - every type of battery and not at all crowded with people buying candles and Poland Spring jugs.  Definitely my new, unlikely emergency preparedness store.)

Fred, on the other hand, is worried about unspeakable inconveniences such as Milkbone shortages and reduced access to the backyard.  He's planning on riding this thing out on our couch.

Stay safe, readers!  See you after the storm!

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