Thursday, February 21, 2013

Da Nella Pizzeria Chicago, IL

It's been a long time since I highlighted a restaurant in Chicago.  Not for any particular reason.  I mean I eat out ALL the time, I just didn't really think to do it.  Until I had this pizza.  And then I was all oh snap Hardly Housewives readers would totes love this.  Yes.  My inner voice is an annoying 12 year old girl.


Check out these pics.  It was like I was back in Italy again.  Sigh. Drool.  Sigh and drool.  Mi amore.

Here is the burrata (omg - cream filled fresh mozz) with prosciutto and bruschetta.  I've been having dreams about this.  Dreams I will be reliving this weekend.

LOOK. AT. THIS. ZA ZA.  This was Charlie's - spicy salami with red pepper flakes.

Here is mine.  ALL MINE.  Rapini and sausage.  What is UP.  And you know I ate that crust with butter.

I am one lucky (and plump) girl.  Stay hungry!

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