Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nemo Update

After a day and a half of Winter Storm Nemo, we are officially snowbound!  

It snowed from about 7 AM yesterday morning until mid-afternoon today.  We still have power, which is surprising since I know many in my town do not.  Jesse and I actually haven't mentioned this shocking fact to each other in fear of jinxing it, but are happily enjoying a warm home and internet connection.

The town hasn't plowed our street yet, which means our plow guy couldn't come out to plow our driveway (which is about the length of a city block).  It's possible we'll have to wait until MONDAY for our street to be plowed!

Once the snow slowed down, Jesse and our neighbor set to clearing a path between our two houses.  The dogs have been running laps back and forth all afternoon.

We'll be here until further notice, catching up on episodes of "Parenthood", cleaning, napping, and trying to ward off cabin fever.  Stay warm and stay homey!


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