Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

A week to go until Valentine's Day (which just so happens to be my third favorite holiday behind Christmas and Cinco de Mayo)!  I know most people think it's corny and contrived, but I have been enthusiastically celebrating February 14 since well before I met my husband, either guzzling champagne with my college roommates, handmaking cards for my family and friends (unfortunately fallen to the wayside in recent years), or excitedly opening a box of local handmade chocolates from my dear old dad.  

It's no surprise that I get excited about shopping for a Valentine's Day gift... and in case you are still looking for one for your man, I wanted to share some gifts that I have bought for Jesse in the past:

1.  I got Jesse this t-shirt and he wears it all the time.  Super soft cotton with some nice veggie puns... don't mind if I do!
2.  It's freezing outside.  How about sweatpants from your alma mater?
3.  Jesse loves our french press and uses it all the time, especially when we have guests over.  It's a simple way to make breakfast seem fancy.
4.  Possibly the most-used gift I have ever gotten Jesse, a comfy pair of slippers with a solid sole that can be worn inside and outside.  Jesse likes the slip-on ones so they can be slid off easily if they're snowy or wet from being outside.
5.  I know we're getting mighty winter-focused here, but it's mid-February and, anyway, a vest is a great three-season piece.  Patagonia vests are made well and last forever!  Jesse has one in blue and one in green.
6.  Boxers. Gap has a ton of funky patterns and are reasonably priced (AND is currently running a 20% off promo).
7.  Jesse and I always get each other tickets to local concerts or performances.  Book of Mormon happens to be the hottest ticket in NYC (and Chicago) right now and I'm hoping we can find some reasonably priced tickets sometime before 2015.


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