Tuesday, February 26, 2013

DIY Pacifier Holder

Here's a quick sewing project that took about 20 minutes and kept my OMG-there's-a-baby-arriving-soon crazies at bay for now.

When adding items to our baby registry, I saw that these pacifier clips were one of the best rated baby products Amazon carries.  It seemed crazy to stick them on the registry when I knew I could make a similar one myself.  Here is what I used:

scrap fabric (leftover from this bag)
mitten clip

I cut the fabric so it was about a foot long strip and ironed the edges...

...then sewed a hem onto each side...

...making sure to sew in the elastic strip as I sewed the end...

On the other end, I sewed on the mitten clip, then attached a pacifier and we are ready to rock!

This is an easy peasy homemade baby gift and I think I'll make a few more with my extra scraps of fabric.  I have a few more pre-baby sewing projects to work on and this one is for sure the simplest.  Stick with me as I go over my head in sewing and nesting!


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