Friday, February 22, 2013

Easy Shower Cleaning

Here's a quick cleaning post based off of an idea I found on Pinterest.  I can't find the original pin, so here's a look at what other people are doing.   It is SO simple and yet has made a big difference in keeping our master bathroom shower clean.

Behold... one of those dish-scrubbing wands filled with one part dish soap (my favorite) and one part vinegar.  We keep it in the shower for when we have a few extra minutes in the morning to scrub down corners or walls.  Doing a little bit each time we are finished showering means that the shower is always pretty clean and nobody has to get in there for a deep clean & scrub.  In our shower we have tile, plastic, stainless steel knobs, and glass walls.  This cleaning concoction works great on all of them!

Speaking of showers, I made a recent impulse buy when walking past an Origins last week... the same shampoo and conditioner I used to have in middle school!  Gifts from Origins were big among my 7th grade friends and I always used and loved this shampoo.  Welcome back to my hair, Origins.

Happy Friday, readers!  Stay clean and stay homey!

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  1. Wow I didn't know cleaning could be so easy. Thanks for sharing <3


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