Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Cleaning Tip from my (Often) Messy Kitchen

Happy Election Day, readers!  I have already cast my absentee ballot but Jesse is on his way to the polls right now.  It's exciting to see all of my friends' Facebook pictures and posts about voting this morning and I am excited for the rest of the day!

Speaking of exciting, here's a little cleaning tip I picked up from Jaisa's mom when I was visiting Jaisa & Charlie in Maine this summer.  My Hungry counterpart had just made some sort of cheesy bread concoction and the pan was totally crusted with baked on cheese.  After some futile scrubbing, we filled up the pan with soap and water and left it for dead left it to clean in the morning. Jaisa's mom came into the kitchen and pulled out her Dawn Oxi dish soap.  This magic stuff claims to take 5 minutes to clean off what usually needs an overnight soak.  And it really works

(Please forgive the cell phone shot... I can't find my real camera)

Anyway, as somebody who usually tries to keep it green (I only use Seventh Generation & equivalent cleaning products), this stuff cleans too well to ignore.  I picked up my own bottle when I got back from Maine and Jesse and I use it now for tough messes that would otherwise call for a scrub-a-thon.

Just thought I would share this huge cleaning news from Jaisa's mom.  Don't be too surprised by my grainy picture and lack of understanding of the science of how Dawn Oxi works - all opinions are mine and we were not compensated by Dawn to write a review.  But even for those who try to clean green, like me, a few drops of this goes a long way and saves lots of time (& water) on cleaning.  Give it a shot and stay homey!


  1. We are the same way, we use only green cleaners and 7th Gen dish soap, but Dawn is magical. You should always have it in the house. The original also works amazing in the laundry (dust a few drops, though) to strip off waxy or greasy substances; its like a necessity if you cloth diaper. My fav use yet is when I found out that you can use it to get the skunk spray off a pet (since skunk spray is actually an oil). I'm big on being green but everyone needs Dawn in their house.

    1. GREAT TIP about skunks! Fred gets skunked at least once a season. I will have to try the original Dawn in the laundry, too. We are on the fence about cloth diapering but I will keep that tip just in case!


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