Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, Hardly Housewives!

Eleven years ago, we never expected that we'd be talking daily, sharing projects (the good, bad, & ugly), and blogging together...

Jaisa is tan.  Caitlin is ghostly pale.  Maybe some things never change...

...but here we are, celebrating a year of Hardly Housewives today!  365 days, 401 posts, and nearly half a million page views ago, one of our usual rambling online chats turned into us creating a blog in an afternoon.  Forgive the cell phone pictures and check out our very first posts:

Day One: Parmesan Smashed Potatoes
Day Two:  Goodness Gracious, the Papers

In the last year we've had some exciting features on blogs we love, notably at Huffington Post's Stylist and IHeartOrganizing.  Hardly Housewives recipes have been all over FoodGawker and we get hits every day from you readers who are kind enough to "pin" our projects on Pinterest.

There have been a few posts that are above and beyond the rest in daily traffic.  Here are our top 3 posts of all time:

1.  Crispy Greek Chicken with Garlic Sauce (February 14, 2012)

2. 2012 Herb Garden (April 26, 2012)

3.  Chicken Enchiladas (January 20, 2012)

A great, big heartfelt THANK YOU to our readers who show up here every day and check out our homey and hungry posts.  We love reading your comments and emails, seeing your projects, and hearing your ideas.   We would be happy to blog and just have our families read, so we are incredibly humbled to have met many new people (& connect with old friends) through Hardly Housewives!  We'd be remiss not to thank our husbands, as well, for putting up with messy kitchens and craft projects that stay in the living room for days.  Jesse and Charlie, you guys are just the best.

Cheers to 365 days of posts behind us!  Stay homey, stay hungry, and stick with us for another year!  xox


  1. Congrats Ladies, so proud of your success and hard work!

  2. Caitlin and Jaisa,
    I found your blog last winter and have been a loyal reader ever since. I've made a number of the recipies that have been a hit in the boyfriend department (e.g., the stroganoff) and there are a bunch more I can't wait to try. I've been meaning to comment for some time and decided that I should send you a note seeing that you just passed the 1 year mark. Congrats!
    Ginger Readling

    1. Thanks, Ginger! So glad to hear you are reading. I was actually thinking about you yesterday as I cropped a bunch of (pale) pictures of myself from the past. There is one of us at a luau in Small House! Hope all is well!


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