Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Coke float...where art thou?

I'm sick.  Like, hit by a semi sick.  I woke up Tuesday morning and couldn't swallow, breath out of my nose, or think of anything witty to blog about.  It came out of no where, too. I'm traveling for work right now, which makes it even worse.  I miss my bed and I miss my husband.  The room service guy has seen me three times today and he is blatantly judging me.  I haven't looked in the mirror since Monday at 8am, so I can only imagine the mess that is my life right now.

You know how when you're sick you're hungry but only for very, very specific things?  Well that's me right now. 

Yes, that's correct.  Three soups...just for me.  Yes, uhuh, a side of croutons.  Yes.  I want a Caesar salad with no dressing and ranch on the side.  Yes, correct. I want the chicken soup with no chicken.  And if I could get 19 saltines without salt and extra tines that would be perfect. 


I also really, really want a Coke float.  When I was growing up, my Dad would make me a Coke Float to heal any and all ailments.  Anything from a splinter to open heart surgery, my Dad will scurry towards the the kitchen to whip up one of his special Coke floats.  I'm in my hotel room and that's all I can think about.  Sigh.  I hit up Food Gawker and came across this delightful pic from Kitchen Treaty:

What do you guys crave when you're under the weather?  #shouldhavegotaflushot #damnit.  Stay hungry!

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