Thursday, November 8, 2012

1 Under 30 List

Today I turn 29 years old.  My 20s have certainly been a great run.  I met and married Jesse.  Shared dorm rooms and off campus houses with my best friends at Bates (and graduated, against my will).  Moved to Seattle and experienced life on the left coast.  Moved home to Brooklyn and experienced all NYC had to offer (all the whiskey and pizza NYC had to offer, that is).  Adopted enough pets that I have to vacuum every few days.  Found out I was having a baby (what is wrong with me that this item is so far down on the list?).  Discovered a career I'm actually pretty good at.  Traveled to Africa, Europe, and Asia.  It's been a pretty full nine years and I still have one left to round out my 20s.

(it's been busy)

Anyway, I feel like I should be doing something momentous to mark my last year as a twenty year old.  I thought about making a "30 under 30" list, but as I've mentioned before, there were just two things I could think of that I HAD to get done: travel to South Africa and learn how to properly apply makeup.  With Africa down, there's just one thing standing between me and the big 3-0.  My lack of understanding of basic makeup skills.  While most people use makeup to accentuate their best features, I seem to use it to accentuate my pale skin.  Here are some shots throughout the ages, or what I like to call "50 Shades of Pale":

Ghostface Killah

Anybody have any suggestions on how to get started?  I've got 364.5 days to get this down.  I mean at the very least... can anybody suggest a decent bronzer?  I'll keep you posted on how I get this down...


  1. I had a great makeup lesson from a Mary Kay consultant last week. Maybe have a party for your girlfriends and have the consultant teach about makeup. They usually provide the host with discounts and deals based on how much every one else buys, so you could get some of the products they use.

  2. Hit up Sephora or M.A.C. for a consultation and have them show you a basic every day face.
    Google images of Nicole Kidman and other pale beauties for inspiration of what will look good. Embrace the pale!

  3. You could always move to China(

    Happy birthday!

  4. Good for you...this goal will help make you feel better when mommyhood seems to get the best of you !!!
    Don't keep trying stuff from the pharmacy or target. You will get a feel for diff kinds of makeup if you get a consultant. Mary kay or beauticontrol (my fav) look online for a consultant. home is a comfortable setting and they will take the time to help you discover YOU.
    Heres to the 3 0,

  5. Hello, does your licensed neighbor sound familiar???? I would be happy to play dress up/make-up!

  6. Lol! 50 shades of pale. I have no idea how to apply make up either. Let me know what you find out. I'm glad you had a nice birthday! Thanks for having me over for turkey day (minus the turkey for us) and now you know I read your blog! This really makes me wanna start my own. I love it!

  7. As a fellow ghost-face but also a makeup whore I can recommend this amazing, subtle bronzer. If you come to Abi's on Thursday I will also bring my own personal sample for you to try :)

    1. Sadly I can't make it but I will check it out and HOPEFULLY see you soon in Beantown!


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