Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Grilled Wedge Salad

I've really out done myself this time.  I know, I know, I shouldn't toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT

This is one of those salads that you make for company.  Or for yourself, because you love yourself.  And bacon. 

Speaking of the bacs, you want to buy thick cut bacon and slice it into chunks, or as I like to call them, bacon croutons. They will shrink as they cook, but really good wedges have really good pieces of bacon so don't screw this part up.  Please...and thank you.

Holy cow.  I was swatting Charlie away with our broom.

Now, I'm fully aware that wedge salads are usually served with a wedge of iceberg lettuce.  The only problem with that, is that this is a grilled wedge.  Iceberg is the flimsiest of lettuces and would never hold up on a grill.  Not only is romaine better suited for the grill, but it's also prettier.  I mean, it's ombre for goodness sake. Oh, and it's healthier.  Win, win,

Anyway, remove the rough looking leaves from the outside and trim the top, so all you're left with is super firm pieces of lettuce.  Next, slice down the middle lengthwise.

For any flavorful dish, you need to season every component...including the lettuce.  So, after slicing down the middle, brush with olive oil (or with bacon drippings, like me) and sprinkle a little sea or kosher salt and some fresh cracked pepper.

I handed this part off to Charlie.  On a super hot, clean grill, he laid the lettuce cut side down.  DO NOT CLOSE THE GRILL.  Otherwise you'll have limp loose losery lettuce.  All we want are the grill marks, the grill flavor, but still super crispy lettuce.



To serve, cut each half of lettuce sideways.  I found these beautiful mini heirloom tomatoes, so I served the salads with those.  Top with a spoonful (or two or five) of homemade blue cheese dressing.


Stay hungry!

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