Monday, December 23, 2013

Aunt Deb & Uncle Mike's Italian Christmas Cookies

This time during the year I frantically check the mail (multiple times a day) in hopes I'll find a little care package filled with delicious homemade goodies from my Aunt Deb & Uncle Mike.  It finally came, filled to the brim with an amazing assortment of Italian cookies... and they were more delicious than ever.  

I'm not even just saying that.  I think they sprinkled a little magic Rudolph dust in them or something.  These were soooo delish.  Some are sweet, some are chocolatey, some are more like lightly sweetened biscuits you have with coffee.  I love them ALL...they just make Christmas for me. They also send a batch of homemade Chex Mix, but I totally forgot to photograph it.  Mainly because I ate it too fast.

It's so special that they take the time to make these and send them to their loved ones.  You know these must take FOREVER to make, so I make sure I shove them in my mouth take my time when enjoying them. 

Thanks guys for another delicious batch.  Stay hungry! 

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