Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Last Minute Christmas Card Hunt (Thanks, Shutterfly!)

I feel crazy calling anything "last minute" when it comes to Christmas 2013.  It's December 10 for goodness' sake.  But since this is our first year with a kid (Hi, Willbo Baggins), we decided that this will be the first year we send out photo cards.   And with photo cards comes ordering the cards in advance, waiting for them to ship, writing out addresses, and actually mailing them to my loved ones.  Not to mention actually finding a picture of my family where I don't have crazy eyes everyone looks good at the same time.

Last Thursday night, I realized it was time to choose from our not-exactly-perfect family photos and finally order our cards.  After my success with buying photo Thank You cards for Will's baptism on Shutterfly, I decided to go that route again.  Yesterday afternoon, I had them in hand and was able to start writing out notes and addresses.

Cards are even more on sale now than they were on Thursday when I ordered them.  Saving on the cards means you can spring for expedited shipping (which is how I got mine so quickly)!

I'll share our actual cards once we get them out in the mail to everyone (with 65 cards going out, I have a LOT more addressing to do today), but here's my favorite part of the cards... there's room on the back to write out notes.  I love sending Christmas cards with handwritten notes inside, so this is a compromise... I get to show off Will the Baby in his finest winterwear AND pen a quick, personalized note of thanks & good wishes to our friends and family.

Also speaking of Christmas cards, either we've become very unpopular this year (totally possible) or I'm not as behind on cards as I thought.  All we've received so far in the Christmas card arena is 2 cards from companies Jesse works with (bonus: one came with a HUGE box of chocolates) and 2 cards from friends.  I'll be checking the mailbox daily and hoping to add to what we've got on the fridge so far.

 How are you doing your cards this year?  Traditional Christmas cards?  Email?  Photo cards?  Not at all?  Let us know and stay homey!


  1. What I would like to know is what people do with all the holiday cards they receive after the holidays are over. I feel bad throwing them away/recycling them, but after a while they really start to pile up. Thoughts?

    1. I save Christmas cards from family and close friends, punch two holes in them and slip large rings (available at office supply stores) through the holes to make a little flip "book". I store them in our Christmas box and pull it out during the Christmas season every year. It's fun to look back at how kids/people have changed, but it has also been good for my kids to be reminded what some of our family members look like (that they don't see too often) just in time for the holidays when they will see them again! (no stranger anxiety and our distant relatives are always impressed that the kids remember them!) ~Laurie

    2. That is a great idea! I think we are going to do that... assuming we ever get more cards in the mail. Thanks for sharing!


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