Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas 2013... Almost There!

Remember when I posted last week and said it was crazy to mention "last minute" when we still had soooooo much time until Christmas?  Welp, I've changed my stance and it's full-on Christmas mania around here.  I'm 75% done with writing & mailing my cards, 50% done with my gift buying, 25% done with wrapping, and 0% done with cookie baking.  Yikes.  The good news is, we're 100% done with tree buying:

We went last weekend and it was beautiful & snowy.  Will kept trying to climb out of the Ergo so he could catch snow in his mouth.  Does this make me look like I'm about to drop him?  No babies were harmed in the buying of this tree.

Once home, we got to work putting up all of our favorite ornaments accumulated over 7 years of living together.  Here's a little special something that Jesse put in my stocking last year.  Nothing says "Christmas spirit" like a cross-stitched Omar Little.

This also gave me a chance to review all of the ornaments I made in 2011 for my "one handmade ornament a day" project.  Some of them are a little sloppy (I'm looking at you, Christmas Cookie Ornament), but some I still love.  Here's my very favorite:

I'm having all of this new mother anxiety about Will's first Christmas.  We have to get a picture with Santa, even though I really don't want to go to the mall.  He needs a really special stocking, even though I can't find the perfect one anywhere.  What about a "First Christmas" ornament?  I'm trying to calm my inner nutcase and just enjoy evenings by the fire, snuggles in his soft Christmas pajamas, and Home Alone on TV.

How's your Christmas prep going?  Stay cozy & stay homey!

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  1. Good for you, enjoy it!! I always get so wrapped up in getting every single thing done and miss the chance to just relax and take it easy.


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