Saturday, December 17, 2011

Polar Bear Ornament

I'll start this by saying that this is, for sure, my favorite ornament so far. I thought I felt that way about the CD ornament and then the snowy truck ornament, but this one is, for sure, my fave.

It all started with a bottle of Diet Coke. I rarely drink Diet Coke, except for, apparently, two nights ago when I needed the caffeine to get me through a drive home from Boston. Here's what was on the bottle cap:

SO cute, right? I knew I could raid my now-dwindling felt supply and make up a polar bear ornament. Here's what I started with:

felt (red, white, grey)
hot glue gun

First, I cut out the shape of a polar bear head from the white felt. It took a few tries for me...I started WAY too big and just trimmed down until it was the right size. Then I cut two round circles from the felt, a small one in grey and a larger one in red, and grey eyes and nose for the bear:

Using the glue gun (no need to sew here), I started piecing the ornament together...

...until finally it was ready to hang...

So for those of you who love polar bears, like me... or who love Diet Coke... here's an ornament that's sure to please (and so easy to make and kid-friendly)! Stay homey!


  1. Mmm coke, let's hold onto this one, super cool

  2. Cooler then a polar bears toe nails

  3. I feel like buying some Diet Coke right now because of this. Sooooo adorable.

  4. I love everything the Coca-Cola Company does...they make things magical! Merry Christmas to all!!!


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