Sunday, December 4, 2011

Onesie Ornament

This time last year, it would have taken me a minute to even realize what a "onesie" is, but these days I have a handful of dear friends who are expecting babies soon and I wanted to make ornaments to send their way.

A felt onesie ornament is very simple to make if you have even the most rudimentary sewing skills. I'm keeping the tutorial short on these because a) they really are that easy and b) I think I have the flu and my bed is calling my name.

Here's what you'll need:

red and white felt
needle & thread (I used gold thread from the fabric store)

Cut out two onesies from your white felt - this will be the front and back of the ornament. Cut out a small heart out of red felt and stitch that on to the front onesie. Once the heart is sewn on, place the ribbon in between the two pieces of white felt to use as an ornament hanger and sew closed. Easy! Here are the three I made:

I'm off to put these in the mail for my pals! Hope you had a great weekend and stay homey!


  1. These are so cute :) Found you On craft Snob
    You should come link up some of your stuff at my Party

  2. I made a onesie ornament this year too! It was perfect for sending to friends who have a new little one...


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