Thursday, December 8, 2011

Moose on the Spruce

I sure love the state of Maine. It's where I vacationed as a kid. It's where I went to college. And it's where Jesse and I went on our honeymoon. I love going up whenever I can - I love visiting my friends in Portland and this summer I spent a night with Jaisa's family on their beautiful porch.

Since I don't eat lobster and I'm not even sure what a blueberry ornament would look like, I figured I'd make an ornament that salutes one of Maine's other, not coffee brandy... the mighty moose!

Using Sculpey clay and a moose cookie cutter, I pulled together a simple but festive ornament.

Roll out the Sculpey and cut out your shape... give it a little texture, I used some moss sitting in a nearby plant and stamped a pattern into the clay. I put a small hole through the clay where the ornament would be strung up, then I baked it (15 minutes at 275 degrees, as per the Sculpey instructions), put some ribbon through the hole, and here it is...

This goes out to Vacationland...stay homey, Mainers!


  1. Thanks, Salla! I haven't used Sculpey clay in so long and I had forgotten how simple it is to use!

  2. I like the moss texture. Where did you get the moose cookie cutter? It's great!

  3. Thanks... I figured I'd add some texture to make it a little more interesting! I got the cookie cutter at Kiss the Cook in Burlington, VT but you can find one online here: (I've also seen them at Ikea)

  4. who doesn't love a moose? cute! I'm following you on twitter too. Stop by and enter to win my Heirloom ornament...only 1 day left to enter. Warm wishes


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