Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Bulking Up

Since a new year is approaching, it seems like the right time to get organized and I decided that I wanted to go into 2012 prepared for anything. What does that mean, exactly? Apparently I felt the need to be all stocked up on personal hygiene products.

I hit up Amazon for some great discounts on products I hate running out of - toilet paper, paper towls, soap, and toothpaste. We've got enough of each to last us a while…

And, last time I was in Boston, I visited LUSH and bought 10 of my favorite shampoos - they're solid shampoo bars. This will save me on shipping down the road, since there aren't any LUSH stores nearby, and will save me from having a few days of dirty hair while I wait for the new shampoo to arrive.

Also in preparation for the new year, we cleaned like crazy.  From dusting the baseboards to clearing out our closets (4 full bags to donate to Goodwill, which is crazy considering we thought we'd really pared down for our move!), we've gotten our house ready for 2012.

What do you buy in bulk? What do you hate running out of? How do you get your house ready for the new year?  Stay prepared and stay homey!


  1. I've never seen shampoo in bars! I've have to check that out. Great idea to stock up on all the essentials.

  2. I LOVE LUSH shampoos. I have pretty fine hair and they work really well. Plus, they're great for travel and last forever. And smell nice!


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