Sunday, December 18, 2011

My First Cookie Swap

My friend Meatball invited all of our Boston-based college friends for a cookie swap at her place in Charlestown. I'd never been to a cookie swap (we all agreed that gathering to do this was "so adult"), so I wasn't sure what to expect. Armed with a tin full of homemade Pecan Sandies, I headed up to Boston.

We were greeted by a glowing tree:

Our hostess made peanut butter bars which hearken back to our college days - Bates commons always had these tasty treats and I loved them all alone or mixed with soft serve ice cream. Since these friends from the cookie swap are the ones I spent hours (more like days, or even weeks) sitting with in the dining hall, chatting & eating & laughing with, these bars were a taste of college (minus the Milwaukee's Best Light):

My friend Holly and I arrived first and we unpacked our cookies onto the same platter - here are her jam thumbprint cookies alongside my Pecan Sandies:

Our final spread included (clockwise from bottom right) Oreo truffles, the Pecan Sandies & thumbprint cookies, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Chip cookies, mocha cookies with cocoa nibs, peanut butter bars, & peanut butter cookies with Hershey Kisses.

I left with a tin full of cookies and Jesse and I are (not so) slowly making our way through them. I need to email all the girls and get their recipes... this is a killer spread of cookies!

One week to go 'til Christmas...stay hungry!

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  1. Love this post! I agree that cookie swaps are very adult but so much fun. This is definitely the beginning of an annual tradition.


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