Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Few of my Favorite Things, Take One...

As much as I utilize stores like Target & Ikea for shopping, the decor from the big box stores can only get you so far - after a while, you need unique items to make your house your own. I'll be sharing a few of my beloved homey items, like the wagon wheel, in a series of posts about our favorite things. Here's the first one:

My grandfather had this print hanging in his house - nobody knows where he got it but his wife gave it to me in 2005 and it's been hanging in every kitchen I've had since. This is a print of the cover of the 1972 New York Times Natural Foods Cookbook, which I also own a copy of.

It needs a new frame and probably could benefit from some protective glass - as you can see, some parts of the print are fairly weathered. But I don't care… I love this jungle chef and all of her animals and this is a gift I'll cherish always.

What things do you own that are unique to your house? Let me know and stay homey!

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  1. i just found your blog and know this is going to quickly become a favorite!

    my husband and i try to pick up pieces when we travel. we were just in Nashville and got a super duper awesome doc martens advertising poster at the Hatch Show Print shop. not something we expected to find among all that country music :)


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