Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Cookie Ornament

It seems like Jaisa and I have Christmas cookies on the brain. Between tales of the cookie swap and Lauren's peanut butter stuffed cookies, plus the Mint Milano bark, we've been busy mixing, baking, packaging, and, of course, eating. Here's a little cookie ornament that represents our love for all butter/sugar/egg/sprinkles combinations.

Here's what I used:

seed beads
needle & thread
felt (white & tan)

I cut out two hearts, one larger (in the tan felt) and one smaller (in the white felt), and started to sew seed beads onto the white felt:

(Note the bead-hungry cat in the top right)

I stitched on a bunch of the seed beads, then sewed the white felt to the tan felt, adding the ribbon to hang the ornament.  Here it is:

The season for Christmas cookies is coming to an end... enjoy them while you can!  Check out some of HH's favorite sweet treats and let us know what you think.  Stay homey and stay hungry!


  1. What a cool ornament, how long did it take you to sew in the "sprinkles"

  2. Actually this took the most time of all of our ornaments...maybe 25 minutes to sew them on? I was watching a movie and it went by pretty quickly. My husband thinks it doesn't look all that cookie-like, so maybe try fewer "sprinkles" :)


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