Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hoo's Ready for Christmas?

It seems like 2011 was the year of the owl. The owl started emerging as a popular decor item a few years ago but grew to full-fledged trend this year. They're everywhere - the big box stores, the small boutiques, all over Etsy, and everywhere in between. In fact, when I told my husband that I was making an owl ornament, he said "How hip."

In honor of the hip owl, and because its place at the top of decor trends can't last forever, I decided to make an owl as my final handmade ornament of 2011. Here's what I used:

felt (tan, grey, & white)
orange embroidery thread & needle
cotton balls for stuffing
hot glue gun
ribbon for hanging

First, I sketched out what I wanted the owl to look like and which felt would need to be cut into what shapes. I usually don't do that, but it's Christmas Eve - who has time to make trial & error felt owls?

Once I had an idea of what shapes I'd need, I started cutting the felt - two wings, two owl shapes (front & back), two eyes.

Since I didn't have any orange or yellow felt and didn't have it in me to run to the craft store, I used some orange embroidery thread left over from my heart ornament and stitched a beak onto the felt.

Finally, I assembled everything with hot glue, stuffing it with cotton balls as I went and attaching a ribbon for hanging the ornament on the tree.

This is the last handmade ornament we'll make this year… thanks for all your feedback and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Stay homey!

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  1. Cute & Hip, way to "wrap" it all together


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