Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Presents Ornament

Of course, Christmas isn't all about presents, but right about now it sort of feels like it is.  Presents to be bought, wrapped, and placed under the tree.  In these hectic days before Christmas, I'm finding myself making sure that all of my gifts are just right and I guess you can say I have presents on the mind.

Here's an ornament that will make use of all of your wrapping paper scraps (and would make a pretty great addition to your dollhouse at Christmas, if that's what you're into).

I started by making small boxes out of leftover cardboard and wrapping them with my paper scraps..

Once the boxes were wrapped, I tied mini bows on them…

…and, using hot glue, stacked the gifts and added a ribbon for hanging them up:

We're almost ready for Christmas!  How about you?  Stay homey!


  1. Aww I love it how clever!! Super cute. I guess I'm is what it is!! Merry Christmas!!


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