Friday, December 2, 2011

Penguin Ornaments

Here's day two of ornaments... pretty simple! Craft store penguins ($5 for a tube of 10), ribbon, white paint, and glitter paint. I decided to make them two ways - one with just glitter over the penguin and one painted white and then coated in glitter.

I said "white paint" above, but I realized I didn't have any so I improvised with WhiteOut.  For the first penguin, I coated him in white...

and then painted him with clear glitter paint and glued on a loop of ribbon.

Here's the second cute is this baby penguin?  I passed on the white coat this time and just painted on the glitter:

Again, I glued a loop of ribbon to his head and let the whole thing dry...

Here they are... a quick (and adorable) addition to our Christmas tree this year!  The glitter doesn't photograph well, but in real life they're wonderfully sparkly.

We're 2 days into 24 days of ornament making...stick around and stay homey!

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